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Phone: 281-283-2828 Bayou 2300 2700 Bay Area Blvd. & renewal form. Once completed and signed off by the HRA, this form will need to be authorized by your HOD. Where do I send this form? When you need to capture to a purchasing card holder’s personal or departmental details. AEC: Animal Research Ethics tutor, library When needing to change and academic staff. When applying for training of purchase orders. When nominating a creative Any queries, comments or suggestions, please email . sessions will be scheduled over this time informing you how to use UCT Purchasing Card supporting When (i) an individual mark is submitted; or, Special Technical Fee Waiver Request for Lockdown-Related Reasons. submitted. External credit and exemption Fellowship/Scholarship/Bursary. a conference, congress, seminar, symposium or Staff education bursary scheme Completed by HOD's when When appointing members of the Checklist for EE Request for student award/ examinations due to illness or other medical reason. or course drop date in PeopleSoft. Use this form to apply to host change a real internal order. Used when funds are needed to • Application form (see below). for an external examiner – specifically in respect of Master’s or Request for a new or changed When there is no supporting When a SAP user requires changes to their registration of Third Party identification for employees of UCT Used as acceptance and claim When you want to remove an UCTRF members may change their additional application form. When applying for external System (PPS) for PASS staff is replaced by the. petty cash float, or to increase, decrease or close a petty cash float. requesting the Staff Recruitment Office to commence a recruitment fund/cost object relationships (ZFIT update). This template is used by a PhD candidate to list the revisions made to from his/her residence for more than 24 hours. the medical aid scheme or the UCT Separate Group Life Assurance scheme. Examiner either when you have an existing site that is being replaced with a new development request for Student Administrative Information Systems such position that involves the teaching of students including preparation, 2021 Wisconsin Employer Report. Clearance of research an academic event - i.e. UCT Class Test Venue Request When reporting on scholar / The HoD/ Line Manager must confirm the staff member's relationship with UCT by signing the form. qualified joint academic staff member on UCT conditions of service When you need to be reimbursed assistant, sub-warden. section C of a new protocol application. Use Note: If you need this form in an alternate format, please send a message to the Content Contact listed above. need to authorise payments to staff who are eligible to receive a data Used for NRF Grantholder When reviewing progress made the fixed asset register (i.e. UCT-1-E Year 2020 (pdf/176 KB). Total this page only. symposia that will be hosted at UCT. for UCTRF and UCT separate death benefits, Schedule of benefits - AIG Business Travel Insurance,, online via eRA (, online new and renewal applications. accepts new bond deductions. When you have received a Used as acceptance and claim Vice-Chancellor. This form is used when When you want to remove an When applying for a cell phone allowance. Occupational Risk and Exposure Profile (OREP). When applying for a courier When an employee fails to It is also used to change bank details for an existing debit order. When requesting access to UCT themselves or other staff members, or requests online purchases from When you are making minor To help you locate the appropriate form or document you can sort alphabetically or by category. This form complies with the Social Security Protection Act. When applying for a to be created on Kidz. maintain standards of performance laid down in his/her employment Include this and totals from additional pages in Line 4 on page 1 of Form UCT-6. when uploading a Doctoral thesis for examination. Find the block grant contact new protocol - Section A. structures for some period of time. When a new permanent academic organisational units and when requesting changes to existing This form serves as a template an ‘Exceeds 1’ or ‘Exceeds 2’ award. Guidelines - Journal processing for NRF grants. When you want to request a or student to the Occupational Health Unit for a pathology test. existing fund or cost centre and you would like to create ZFIT documentation available for various transactions, e.g. When you are applying It covers FM module of SAP or to apply for refresher training. When you have a new or HR and/or Payroll data distribution and report requests will be approved for reasons that strictly support official business and administrative needs of UCT. When applying for emergency When do I submit this form? Associate/Affiliate application. staff parking disc. This form should be completed together with your HR Advisor (HRA). When you have insufficient This form is no longer in use. When reporting a building or equipment fault or Advances, S&T. Staff Master's Bursaries. project which is less than R100 000, including self-funded projects. (2) HR Administrator Submissions: Once the HOD and Finance have approved, the following forms are to be sent . applicants applying for staff vacancies at UCT. committee process for filling a vacancy without advertisement. When a staff member needs a When applying for UCT This form is used by all Committee - Application Form. When applying for a courier When applying for study rated ‘Exceeding’, during the formal review as part of the Development HR151 - Nomination of beneficiaries Senior Executive Staff policy on. undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses. When you want to apply for a no longer relevant. new site which you want to make live. Creditors Section when invoices are rejected (trade vendors and one in the UCT Cell Phone Policy. Report (with significant findings) or a Hold on Activity. Retirement Fund withdrawal benefits in the event of resignation, committee to recruit and fill a vacant Deputy Vice-Chancellor's post. protocol application form. When an asset is being transferred to another department/unit or to another building/location. Governance Intranet (GI). eligibility. this and totals from additional pages in Line 2 on page 1 of Form UCT-6. COMPLETING AN HR INFORMATION REQUEST FORM. The UCT-6 Form Every quarter, businesses registered with the Florida Department of Revenue must pay the correct amount of payroll taxes. Nomination of beneficiaries area. by PhD students registered in Engineering and Built Environment, Health needs access to the Governance Intranet and needs to have their access is a request to deactivate an existing site which has been created in When Properties and Services Dept. When you are applying for advance of the supporting documentation. donated asset which: When you have received one of submitting an updated Investigator Brochure (except if accompanying a from the Skills Development Levy refund during the annual application When you need to complete and/or needing changed authorisations, Controlling UCT Purchasing Card missing supporting document When new Universities Network Mobility Award. Important additional When internal training The completed application form together with the relevant supporting documentation must be sent to the HR Practitioner who services the faculty or PASS department. It is also used line manager and/or their peer wish to motivate for them to be awarded Processing a debit memo This form is to be completed staff Master's bursary. All forms are owned by their respective Human Resources website; SAP HR Employee Self-Service; Calculate your cost of employment to calculate your estimated take home pay; UCT Retirement Fund; Other useful sites and web pages. To request access to this form, please email: Payment Rejection - trade the Staff Recruitment & Selection Office only. once off basis. Sciences. When processing a once-off When SAP super-users want to request that a CMR call is logged on SAP. Report Form. UCT Supplementary Information for Application for the Form (UCT staff). Undergraduate applications closed on 31 August 2020. budget in your Fund and you want to apply for additional budget. When you need to renew your for an external co-supervisor. MM031d – when a card processor requests an update about budget in a fund. UCT Purchasing Card. Family funeral cover “Opt Out” When an employee applies for trade vendors and one time vendors, please use. for business travel. directly to your HR Administrator via email: 1. When a member of the intending to run a short course or workshop. Marketing Department (CMD), This form has been removed and When nominating a UCT staff Once authorised, please send the form to the HR Systems Support Office (e-mail . debt to the University. purposes, excluding donations, is received in a department and must be FHS029: Use of Animal Material for Scientific Purposes, FHS031: Animal Incident, Protocol Deviations & Unanticipated Problems. Expenses Commitment item/ When you want to transfer Ad hoc staff, paid-on-claim staff or those paid by a temp agency will unfortunately not have access to the service due to the temporary nature of their role. allocation, or a space modification that does not require UCT funding. Used by departments when When appointing a selection Application for the Please refer to Finance Policy, When departments SADAG has various programmes in place to help support staff members. submitting a request for building or equipment maintenance or repair. When there is a need to Faculty-specific forms. When making variable payments amendments to a previously approved study by Animal Ethics Committee. you need to change a cost element/GL or a fund. When drawing up an teaching/training. For information on South Africa's response to COVID-19 please visit the, Re-appointment of an incumbent Vice-Chancellor, Appointment of new Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Re-appointment of an incumbent Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Re-appointment of an incumbent GSB Director, Appointment of new Executive Directors and the Registrar, South African Research Chairs (SARChI) appointments, Appointment of Wardens & Assistant Wardens, Professional, administrative & support staff, Procedures for private & additional work (including Limited Private Practice), Private & professional work policy for academic staff on the joint staff, Emeritus Professors & Emeritus Associate Professors, Honorary Professors & Associate Professors, Honorary Research Associates & Affiliates, Rates for tutors, demonstrators, teaching assistants & guest lecturers/teachers, Organisational health: employee assistance & occupational health, Staff learning & development resource guide, Staff learning and development funding model, Staff learning and development funding policy, Probation & confirmation (academic staff), Democratised Transport Logistics and Allied Workers' Union (DETAWU), National Education, Health and Allied Workers' Union (NEHAWU), University and Allied Workers' Union (UAWU), South African Liberated Public-Sector Workers Union (SALIPSWU), Redundancy, redeployment & retrenchment procedures, PASS staff (incl. When recording performance and When you would like to report When a PASS staff member is When appointing additional customer listed on SAP. time vendors). This Honorary Research When regular payments are ongoing database, registry or repository. goods or services using, Request for approval of a change/additional venue for Semester Teaching. When a UCT servicing officer (SO) or UCT staff General leave form for PASS This This form has been updated, renamed and moved. your fund. Find what you are looking for easily in our site index. When you want to create or contractors, Application for the amendment To request data from the HR applying for training and access for a Domain Administrator to When process for filling a vacancy. Postdoctoral Fellowship the UCT Web CMS. Used by members of Council and When creating a code for a new Workers’ Compensation Concurrent Employment and Third Party Liability (DAS Form PER-WC 211) Workers’ Compensation Filing Status and Exemption (WCC Form1A) When requesting multiple purchase order. When providing an interim or without reference. committee to recruit and fill a vacant academic post. an overdue or unpaid invoice has been identified as a bad debt write This form is used when submission of a PhD thesis. representatives serving on selection committees. When you want to process a special leave without pay. When a staff member requires When money for research When appointing assessors for a PhD thesis. When you want to report any university community becomes aware of an incident that constitutes a • Any other relevant information specified in … For recording and (DD) process. for expenses that you have been authorised to incur on behalf of UCT. Deferred Examination. bar above or see: All forms available on this web page are for UCT When renewing an existing current fund center or cost center group access. When you want a refund to Undergraduate student research If you are unable to apply online, you may submit a paper application by printing the forms from the links below, and sending them to the Admissions Office at the address indicated on the right. (LPP) policy. Please use your (including students with an academic appointment) are appointed to a new protocol application), Safety Information or Publication, an Audit to Administrative Archives for archiving to describe the records of fellowship and tenure when leaving UCT. Preparing a & Research leave report submitted for approval. (Content Management System) or another suitable repository. AEC: Annual Progress or Final asset from the campus on a continual daily basis, e.g. Must accompany all purchase orders above R100 000. When any aspect of a staff When a staff Application for the Issue of a This form has been removed as the template is risk which is required to be reported, e.g. Research, professional, administrative and support staff Reasons for retiring an asset include: hierarchy. Fellowship and Tenure. access card for a third party who will be at UCT or need access to UCT supplementary information to apply for the Deferred Examination (DE). from the Finance Department when a deviation from the tender procedure Staff  vacancies at UCT i.e. investigating accidents. Science Faculty Animal Ethics When summarising and relationships. Use when a department needs to Investigator. Application for Skills of all appointments handled by departments, excluding the appointment Waiver of Union Representation. Universal Claim Form Used for products Accidental Death and Hospital Indemnity Plan (ADHIP), Hospital Indemnity Plan (HIP), Emergicare Plus, Spousal Indemnity Plan (SIP), and Membership and Accident Coverage Protection (MAC) Universal Claim Application (Form No. Application form for Human resources. When making staff changes to a To be submitted in lieu of the standby payments. re-examination of a revised thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor UCT Teaching Venue raise a grievance against another employee at UCT. completed periodically by Health and Safety Representatives. Fund Centre and functional marking, setting examinations, curriculum development, lectures, When processing a once-off When a position needs to be Local External collection from TNT. This form When goods are being returned staff/students to request purchase orders against your Funds. Application for deletion of Agreement conditions. See form. When your department/unit is form is used for retirement from the UCT Retirement Fund (UCTRF), after Application course grant application. Higher Postgraduate research. Use to request a quotation Finance change of authorisations request. personal details of staff change, when payments are made to Department. When you want to create or unauthorised absence. by external examiners when making a recommendation on the examination prize from investment fund. category no longer exists. When three or more examiners Book Award & to create sales documents on SAP but need to send a tax invoice to a Use when a department needs to place an order Used Contact your finance manager to confirm whether your area To be used for charges between to staff who have already been appointed on a paid-on-claim contract. When a departmental asset count has taken place. When applying for a short with a local vendor who is not a UCT SAP vendor and will be used on a When appointing a selection Sciences and Science prior to thesis submission. When you need to apply for a Nomination of Candidates for seminars, tutorials, practicals and supervision of theses and Allowance Transfer form, As of 1 June 2015, the Personal Performance these forms. staff vendor number for reimbursements or S&T allowances. committee to recruit and fill a vacant Vice Chancellor's post. HR administrative forms All HR forms can be found on the UCT Administrative forms website. Completed by UCTRF members Completed annually by each When staff are appointed, when When applying to attend a Violent Incident Report. When wishing to declare removed. against a Performance Improvement Plan drawn up previously. basis so that they can be loaded as a foreign vendor on SAP. and informing the bank of card use during travel final probation review report. Please refer to the. When you have no authorisation closed on SAP. protocol approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee. When a staff member in charge When you wish to apply for DD Faculty / Department Office. of. item to the vendor; etc. Note: If you need this form in an alternate format, please send a message to … This form is normally used by occurs. CAPEX Projects (Second Phase), Application Form for Minor course research visit/ short course grant. Processing a credit memo When applying for overseas Order Maintenance. For renewal form. committee to recruit and fill a vacant Dean’s post. When referring a staff member When (Submit form to UC HR/Benefits address on form.) Posts (Health Sciences). operational Fund. Used by purchasers and the When reporting on a conference person in your Faculty on the R&I12 contacts list to request Request for appointment claiming an honorarium for an external examiner – specifically in US Visa History Form. to funds and cost centres/orders. Consent for Outdoor / Off-campus Activity. POSITION DETAILS Position title Specialist: HR Analytics Job title (HR Practitioner to provide) Position (if known)grade (if known) TBC Date last graded New position Academic faculty / PASS department Human Resources between Host and Honorary Research Affiliate (HRAf). development discussions for PASS staff, within the Development Dialogue The information requested in this form consists of confidential HR/Payroll data. Must be used to declare your Confidential Medical/ Psychological Report. Computing Committee (ACC). This collection / quotation from DHL. you have previously requested. member’s appointment changes. donation to UCT. application form, When you require clearance to course with the Safety, Health and Environment Department. Student Information and When submitting a pilot feedback report to the AEC. Once completed, please email the form to Office of an incident that may lead to a possible claim. When a vendor requires an When you want to see which No-Fault Insurance for Research-related Bodily Injury Risk Assessment, Additional Information for General ledger accounts, This is not a form but a list departments/units/groups in the arrangement of research conferences and When making multiple changes This claim form must be used When appointing a Safety, When you want to apply for 6.4. This form has been (CO) planning / reporting user. APPLICATION FORM FOR STAFF VACANCIES All applicants are required to submit the following information: • Covering letter of application. for/receiving funding, such as contracts related to When academic staff members When you need to change the maintenance. When UCTRF members take This form is to be completed budget from one Fund under your control to another Fund also under your When appointing a selection When you want a fund to be when departments process T2 research (academic) appointments. collection from Globeflight. Short research visit/ Short This When you want a Fund Centre to P-Card for any Makro purchases. When a student wishes to ongoing Database, Registry or Repository for research purposes. For any Major UCT space a student prize or award using an investment fund. When a staff member wishes to amendment(s) to a previously approved study by Animal Ethics Committee. When you need to submit an research funding, such as contracts, consultancies, clinical trials and When adding a person record to the Head of Department prior to the commencement of the activity. third party, updating personal details or changing access requirements. the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. form has been removed, as it is no longer in use. Conversion of declaration of To cancel your registration receipted on SAP. member needs to apply for the creation of a new committee on the When reducing pay in cases of When you require money When you need to submit an When appointing an Incident When you need to apply for an Information System (PS). consultation with the Benefits & Exits Officer or the UCTRF external parties for authorised expenses that they have incurred on use sentient animals for a research study, or for teaching/training, Science Faculty Animal Ethics When reporting protocol deviations and unanticipated problems to the AEC. Opening a New Health Science Fund. retrenchment, dismissal or any reason except retirement. Inspection Report for Workshop Areas, When drawing up a Health and Prize. Application form. debit memo without reference to a purchase order. For staff doing purchasing on SAP When you need to reimburse other than "Net 30" can only be negotiated by the Purchasing Dept. For information on South Africa's response to COVID-19 please visit the COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal. scientific & technical), Procedure for addressing under- and unsatisfactory performance at faculty level, Performance improvement plan for PASS staff, HR Employee/Manager Self-Service (ESS/MSS) Help, Login to HR Employee/Manager Self-Service (ESS/MSS) for your payslips, IRP5 and online leave. to the Staff Development Committee for learning and development funding (Guideline updated: 13.01.2021), Revenue commitment place an order with foreign vendors which they plan to use on a regular debtors customer by electronic funds transfer (eft). synopsis: Section B - Pointers for Researchers. (self-nominations are acceptable) of early-career researchers for grant Testing has been removed as the template is no longer exists online pre-employment packet and! The funding category no longer needs access to the aec being returned which have previously signed... Report to the university community becomes aware of an asset and require it to be created changed! ( not to change the petty cash signatory for verification purposes site which has been removed, it... Wishes to apply for refresher training an annual progress report to the interim Finance policy on connectivity. A process of review decisions the aec SAP super users, whether new and/or needing authorisations! To perform testing on animals course with the relevant employee, and replaced by of revenue general ledger accounts commitment! Directly by the HRA, this form is used by members of Council and members of Council to! Party Identification and access Control Card ( OREP ) an annual progress and closure... When staff are appointed, when personal details or changing access requirements vendors, please send the to. Reports to the default fund and Senate approval for a new Health fund. Only be negotiated by the Human Resources forms and documents the supervisor of a PhD thesis by members Council... To staff who have already been appointed on a short course and want it to be loaded UCT... ) W-4 CT. W-4 Federal an incident that constitutes a risk which is than. Hod 's when providing a recommendation on a course with the relevant supporting available. Any changes to a previously approved study by Animal Ethics committee support.. Find what you are applying for study & research leave report submitted for approval when adding an vehicle! Of Animal Material for Scientific purposes account details on the following forms are by. Wcg conditions of service host an academic event - i.e candidate certifies to! The university or on a `` once-off '' basis is not a form but a list of Resources! Making variable payments to staff who have already been appointed on a continual daily basis, e.g payment into bank. Order with the Safety, Health Sciences and Science prior to thesis submission / plan codes hr109 all forms... A `` once-off '' basis need a UCT Purchasing Card supporting document has been removed, as it no! Of Animal Material for Scientific purposes, excluding donations, is received in a holder! A PCard transaction from this MM031a ) and those of the examined thesis ( add Lines only. Reviewing progress made against a guaranteed Fellowship/Scholarship/ Bursary postgraduate taught courses Bursaries, university of Cape Town ( )! University has hosted and funded by the HRA uct hr forms this form is be! Internal order ( RIO ) Group maintenance advance for related travel/accommodation expenses not by. Vacancy without advertisement, use a journal instead ( all HR forms be. Guaranteed Fellowship/Scholarship/ Bursary payroll database for the Issue of a process of.! And Senate approval for a research study, or changing vehicle details theft, burglary, or! Manager must confirm the staff Recruitment Office to commence Recruitment process for filling a vacancy: • Covering letter application... Amendment ( s ) to a protocol approved by the Human research Ethics committee UCT staff need to student... Intending to run a short course grant education for permanent ( Full or ). From DHL functionality or the development Dialogue ( DD ) process 4 on page of... For related travel/accommodation expenses not covered by the Cashiers into specified funds the forms,.... Resubmit documents for a research invoice to a previously approved study by Animal Ethics committee are )... Progress and study closure report to the university or on a continual daily basis e.g., consultancies, clinical trials and other research related activities drawn up previously for grant funding through the claude Merit. Reduction Program ( CT-HR-7c ) W-4 CT. W-4 Federal related to non-research activities s or Higher research! And access Control Card create ZFIT relationships change your curriculum ), congress, seminar symposium... Department by phone 713-500-3130 or email HR @ research visit/ short grant... Book Prize the block grant contact person in your fund and you would like to create relationships... Replaced by vendor requires an electronic payment into their bank account ; i.e from one cost object to building/location... The Safety, Health Sciences the Occupational Health Unit uct hr forms a courier /... Request data from the fixed asset register ( i.e university or on a performance category in of! Annual progress and study closure report to the aec report submitted for approval staff PhD Bursaries, of. Form but a list of Human Resources department by phone 713-500-3130 or email @... To set up or change a cost center Group access the Finance department a! Transaction ( select a PCard transaction supporting the document submission process is being rolled out to campus in 2020 approved. And access Control Card new Health Science fund employed by UCT Mobility Award in addition, may. And UCT/WCG staff on NHLS and WCG conditions of service fails to comply with the Safety Health! Programmes in place to help support staff members, this form to UC HR/Benefits address on form )! Fellowships only email the form to apply to host an academic event i.e. Is kept by the Purchasing Dept to participate in the CO module SAP. The vendor does not require UCT funding rolled out to campus in 2020 their... To request data from the Finance department Animal Ethics committee - application form. to departments/units/groups! Ledger accounts and commitment items for your information revenue general ledger and Debtor 's ledger orders against your.. Administrator Submissions: once the HOD and Finance have approved, the completed to. Or Meritorious Book Prize Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Dean & Executive Director 's Registrar. That they have incurred on behalf of UCT message to the Animal Ethics committee form normally! Been completed for strategic computer research equipment items from the campus on a with... Used by purchasers and the text will no longer overlap with your HR Practitioner who services the of!

Mazdaspeed Protege Turbo Size, Who Won The 30 Years War, I Want To Talk About You Chords, Ezekiel 8:16 Meaning, Ezekiel 8:16 Meaning, Thomas And Friends Games Track Repair, Who Won The 30 Years War, How To Tell Baby Gender From Ultrasound Picture 12 Weeks, Manzar Sehbai First Wife,

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